The Company


Baigent Geosciences was established in 1995 as a service to the mineral and oil.gas exploration industry

We specialize in all aspects of potential field and radiometric geophysical surveys.

Since its inception, Baigent Geosciences primary objective has been to provide an expert service in the processing and QC of airborne geophysical data independent of the data acquisition. In this way geoscientists are assured on the best available data integrity and quality.

We have processed many millions of kilometres of data since the creation of the company. This includes new acquisition and reprocessing.

Baigent Geosciences also provide consulting service for survey design, project management and data processing. We have been used by many companies over the years both small and large public companies as well as many government agencies both in Australia and overseas.

Baigent Geosciences is highly regarded by geologists and geophysicists for its breadth of knowledge, professionalism, expertise and honesty.


Specialists services include

- Geophysical airborne surveys

- Design parameters

- Survey project management

- Data acquisition quality control

- Data processing quality control

Geophysical Data processing

Image processing

Data reprocessing

Data integration

Other service

- Marine Magnetics

- Marine gravity;


Baigent Geosciences Pty Limited

Providing service to the mineral and oil/gas industries since 1995